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“ It’s all bespoke; no two weddings or events are the same ”

It’s the most important day of your life to-date and putting together the wedding you’ve always dreamed of can be a daunting task; the venue, the concept, whether you have the right look and feel, dealing with suppliers, the countless meetings and the negotiating…and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional or tradie, John and his team can help.

And it’s not just time that’s important. With a carefully chosen group of professionals, John secures the most out of your budgets and in fact, only charges a management fee; there are no hidden costs, mark-ups or margins…transparency is key.

Whether it’s a room to fit hundreds, or an intimate setting, John works with you to ensure your likes, traits and personalities are somehow, somewhere embedded throughout your celebration. You see, it’s not about him…it’s about you and what those dreams have been telling you all these years.

John will listen, give you the ideas and take you on a journey where what seemed daunting, is enjoyable after all…just leave everything requiring attention to detail up to him and his team.

A @johnaltenwedding is unique. In fact, John’s goal is that no two weddings he does will be the same…and he prides himself on that.

And if it’s a product launch, corporate event or gala dinner, John applies the same principles; he takes the brief and builds a team and response fitting of the organisation’s goals and KPI’s.

We can’t wait to hear from you and be a part of something special.

the team

John loves coming up with an idea. In fact, he prides himself in not only the idea, but so too the team he puts together to make that idea come alive. And as such, he believes that there are no ‘suppliers’, rather, ‘partners’…and that each one of them has a part to play in bringing drawings, sketches and inspo images to life.

And the team John does put together are at the top of their game. They have been in the events industry for many years. They know how to work to deadlines and know that when John is on an event, it’s exciting. Similarly, John knows how to squeeze the best out of his team; respectful of their profession and businesses, he asks and values their input every chance he gets.

What Ever It Takes

…this is John’s mantra!

He feels that to make anything work in life, especially that of an event, one should be relentless in finding ways to make things happen…even if it means going to the ends-of-the-earth. He is forever going ‘outside the box’ and extends his own comfort zone in order to be distinct.

John believes in good-old-fashioned service. He wants to make things enjoyable in the lead-up to your event. He strives to ensure you have the fondest memories and that every event should leave a positive lasting impression.

He is committed to bringing you fresh innovative ideas and an attitude to match.