Event Management &

on-day coordination

“ A professional yet personable approach ”

You've done all the hard work, however, you're finding it overwhelming, given your schedules in the weeks leading up to your special day, to bring everything together… then please let John do this for you; its’ what he specialises in and what he knows to do best.

John manages the week's leading up to and including your special day; the suppliers, bump-in/ bump-out times, production schedules and even a full day's order of events…it's what John does so that you focus on the other things that are just as important. John will even ensure that you won’t be inundated with phones calls; he will be the point of contact and filter…especially with all the last-minute requests from partners and the like.

John takes a professional, yet personable approach with your partners, after all, they are the professionals making your day special, so it’s crucial they are treated with the utmost respect. And often, they would know John from previous events, so his expectations and the ways he likes things done are very clear.

John's Wedding Day Management & Coordination reputation is second-to-none.

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